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Making House Hunting Suck Less
What are Teamups?

Teamups help you find others to start your own share house.

Sometimes the right property isn’t available when you’re looking for a new home, or perhaps you’ve seen a great rental but you can’t afford it on your own. That’s where Teamups comes in handy.

How to find great people to Teamup with

Search for flatmates: It’s easy to find other flatmates wanting to teamup through our designated search.

Make contact: Send messages to anyone you feel would make a great flatmate, explain you would like to team up and find a property together. Not everyone will respond so to give yourself the best choice make sure you send messages to everyone who looks interesting.

Catch up: Catching up with your potential new flatmate is important to ensure you’re all happy to live together. Grab a coffee, ask each other questions and soon enough you’ll know if you’re all going to get along. If everyone isn’t in the same place, use Skype or FaceTime.

Find a home: Once everyone is comfortable with each other, it’s time to find a place. Roommatehome.com regularly have whole properties up for rent, so be sure to check out our listings.

“I think this site is a great site, I have 100% trust in the company and they go to great lengths to make sure that your details and things are safe and I would recommend to anyone that is not sure about using this site that through experience I myself have used the site and I put my 100% trust into it and recommend to use it yourself.”

David London, UK

“Very pleased after lots of research, I narrowed down to 3 rooms that I visited and was able to choose the nicest. The website is very good and easy to use. Love slogan "Ads from Thousands of Websites in Just One Search!".”

Anthony Toronto, CA

“I am beyond happy with the place I found and my new roommate. I found everything I was looking for under my initial budget. I moved in the day after I found the ad I was interested in. This site is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a place especially under short notice. I would give it 6 stars if I could.”

Aaron Dublin, IE